RIVERS: ‘I have ended my ambition for 2019’ – Magnus Abe

Magnus Abe

RIVERS: ‘I have ended my ambition for 2019’ – Magnus Abe
Magnus Abe

Following the Supreme Court verdict on the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers state, Senator Magnus Abe has laid to rest his 2019 governorship ambition in the state.

The court on Thursday struck three appeals filed by the All Progressives Congress (APC), Tonye Patrick Cole and members of his faction of the party.

While speaking on Sunday at the APC stakeholders meeting in Port Harcourt, the state capital, Abe stated that Supreme Court’s judgement has ended the APC’s dreams for elective political positions in 2019 in Rivers.

However, he vowed to rebuild the party in the state and called on every member to join hands together to achieve the dream.

Abe who noted that the Supreme Court pronouncement has brought an end to the issue of faction in the state party, called on all members to come together and move the party forward.

He blamed the unfortunate fate that befell the party in the polls on high handedness of some persons in the party who exalted themselves above other members.

According to him, if every member of the party was given equal right to participate in APC’s activities, the experience would have been different.

Abe said: “With the last week Supreme Court pronouncement on our candidacy matter, I have ended my ambition for 2019 here in Rivers.

“This time again, the court upheld the Rivers State High Court judgement of Justice Chiwendu Wogu, which authenticates the leadership of Peter Odike as the current APC state chairman where I contested for governorship.

“We have come to fight for Representation in government, every human being as members of APC should be treated with respect.

“We have sacrificed so much, we may not be holding anything now but because of what we have done politics will be better in our country.

“We need to be realistic so that we can move forward. The dream that we have in the state is laid to rest because of the pronouncement of the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in our suit before it.

“As a lawyer we know that the Supreme Court is infallible. That pronouncement by the Supreme Court brought to an end our agitation.

“But God knows the reason, He (God) who knows what we do not know, made His decision.”

He noted “Peter Odike’s factional APC remains the authentic party in the state. The Congress they held still remains voided. No other person or group can parade as APC executives based on the Supreme Court judgement.”